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Introduction to San Antonio Life Sciences Institute

5UT Health Science Center: 210 562 4035

UTSA: 210 458 6767

Phone: (210) 458-8176
Location: NBP 2.130Q


UT Health Science Center: 210 567 8270 | UTSA: 210 458 6767'

SALSI Postdoc Initiative: Pilot Program


The SALSI Postdoc Initiative (PDI) announces a pilot project program that brings together innovative postdoctoral research fellows from UTSA and UTHSCSA to collaborate on the development of novel solutions that will ultimately advance research directions in targeted disease areas which impact the south Texas region (e.g., diabetes, asthma, allergies, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury). This initiative aims to benefit both postdoctoral fellows and their faculty mentors by introducing new technologies, expanding the research focus and yielding data for new innovative research proposals. No preliminary data are required.


Postdoctoral fellows from both UTSA and UTHSCSA must have 4 years or less of postdoctoral training. The project proposal must include 2 postdoctoral fellows (one from each institution).


One $25,000 award split equally between the postdoctoral fellows will be funded from August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015. Roll over to the next fiscal year is not allowable and project extensions are not allowable. Funding that is not spent or encumbered by July 1, 2015 will automatically revert back to the originating office.


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