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Introduction to San Antonio Life Sciences Institute

5UT Health Science Center: 210 562 4035

UTSA: 210 458 6767

Phone: (210) 458-8176
Location: NBP 2.130Q


UT Health Science Center: 210 567 8270 | UTSA: 210 458 6767'


Who do I contact about SALSI and Proposals?
UTSA Contact: Jaclyn Shaw (210) 458-6767 | UT HSC Contact: Dr. Mark Nijland (210) 567-0313
Can a PI be listed on more than one proposal?
Yes, a PI can be listed on more than one proposal. The RFP does not limit the number of times, or type of involvement on a project application.
Why do all funds have to be spent or encumbered by July 1, 2015?
SALSI activities are funded through the state legislature. In order to meet the state close-out deadlines, all encumbrances must be finalized by August 31st of each year, to include clearing of all supplies and materials purchases (paid and received). Assigning this deadline to expend funds by July 1, 2015 allows for financial administration to process all requests for state reimbursement by the final deadline.
Are references cited included in the 3-page project description limit?
No, references cited are not included in the 3-page limit. References can be provided following the 3-page narrative or can be listed within an appendix.
Are proposals limited to addressing research in diabetes and allergies?
No, those are just examples of health issues that impact south Texas and have a global impact. The area/s addressed in a proposal should have a connection to south Texas however are not limited to these two examples.
How will PI’s address intellectual property created under a collaborative SALSI funding opportunity?
Any intellectual property created through SALSI research collaborations would be owned by the UT System per normal UT policy. For any inventions jointly created, technology disclosures should be filed with both the UTHSCSA Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization and the UTSA Office of Commercialization and Innovation. Inventors are requested to include on the technology disclosure forms all funding sources which support the creation of their technology including SALSI funding. UTHSCSA and UTSA do routinely receive jointly owned disclosures and inform the other party of the jointly owned technology. When this occurs, the offices cooperatively determine institutional management of the technology based upon several factors, including percentage ownership determined by the creators of the technology or whether it is part of a larger portfolio. An inter-institutional agreement is then executed between the two offices to delineate the managing party and any and all relevant terms and conditions. Recovery of SALSI fund investments from any future revenue resulting from commercialization of the technology is specifically included in this agreement when we are informed of SALSI sponsored research.

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